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Edwina Donnelly Mitchell (1894-1968)

Edwina Donnelly Mitchell

Edwina Donnelly Mitchell served the State of Alabama as assistant attorney general and as a member of the Pardon and Parole Board (for which she wrote the enacting legislation) before becoming superintendent of Julia Tutwiler prison in 1951.

Realistic about women entrusted to her charge and recognizing them as criminals, she was also an idealist, believing that every person has a "divine spark that must be given a chance to glow."

Mrs. Mitchell earned the respect of prisoners, her staff, and the public by her unswerving sense of justice and infinite patience. She was especially interested in preparing women to return to society better able to live normal lives. As one young woman said, she did much to "revive the human spirit" and "give dignity to those who lacked dignity."

Often in demand for public duties, it was said at death she had served on more boards and commissions, state and national, than any other person of her time.


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