They Also Served

Twenty-Five Remarkable Alabama Women

by Mildred Griffin Yelverton

They Also Served provides a unique look at some of the country's most remarkable women who happened to have a strong Alabama connection either by birth or as the site of their work. Their individual stories, spanning two centuries, are vastly separated by history, personal talent, and social circumstances; yet, they are distinctly similar in the amount of time, determination, and energy the subjects devoted to their causes.

The events of the lives of the twenty-five women are traced from birth to death in an effort to show not only what their contributions were but also what might have motivated them to keep going, sometimes against great odds. The individual portraits bring the written descriptions into focus, and the additional photographs provide a special bonus.

Reference to the historical events that parallel their lives provide clues into their personalities and motivations and also help the reader put their activities into perspective. The lives of these women, all who are deceased, bring interesting, informative reading to general audiences and provide excellent role models for young people.

Past Inductees
Alabama Women's Hall of Fame
Judson College

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